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Creating Bright Smiles!

We incorporate the highest standards of dental care to transform the health of your smile.

Our Services

Preventive Care

We provide comprehensive exams and digital x-rays to diagnose for current problems and potential risks.

Teeth Whitening

Our cosmetic teeth whitening treatments provide excellent results that are seen in only a single visit.

Mercury-Free Fillings

Our dental fillings are produced from safe, effective, and naturally beneficial material such as composite.

Porcelain Veneers

We provide veneers that cosmetically improve your smile and remove years of stains and discoloration.

Dentist Beverly Hills

There are few reasons to experience any feelings of anxiety at the Beverly Hills Dental Center. Our dental care is specialized to help you feel comfortable and confident in your results. We always ensure that our patients will feel comfortable and are treated with great attention to detail.

Emergency Dentistry


Preventive Dentistry

Teeth Whitening

Dental Fillings

Emergency Dentistry Beverly Hills

Dental emergencies can suddenly occur with very little warning, causing a discomforting situation.  Your teeth can experience sudden problems that involve enamel loss, gum damage, or jaw pain.  Tooth loss is caused by severe decay or trauma. …

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Invisalign Beverly Hills

Invisalign aligners offer an exceptional alternative to traditional wire braces.  They are customized for you and provide an effective way to realize a straight and confident smile.  After they are applied to your teeth, they are virtually…

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Preventive Dentistry Beverly Hills

Preventive care is one of the most essential services provided at the Beverly Hills Dental Center.   Our treatments address numerous areas of dental care to ensure a healthy smile is maintained.   We specialize in a number of…

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Teeth Whitening Beverly Hills

A brighter smile creates a confident impression on others and positively affects your self-esteem.  At the Beverly Hills Dental Center, Dr. Roger Eshaghian provides teeth whitening treatments that are among the most successful in the area. Teeth…

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Dental Fillings Beverly Hills

Dental fillings using “Amalgam” has consistently remained a topic regarding their safety and effects on overall health.  Mercury has been discussed to be a known poison and is one of the most toxic elements in chemistry.  Mercury…

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  • Wes Cravens

    Wes Craven, a famous writer, producer and director known for classic films like “A Nightmare on Elm Street” and “Scream 4”, chose Dr. Roger Eshaghian at the Beverly Hills Dental Center. With the latest innovations in dentistry, we are dedicated to your comfort and personalized care.