Preventive Dentistry Beverly Hills

Preventive care is one of the most essential services provided at the Beverly Hills Dental Center.   Our treatments address numerous areas of dental care to ensure a healthy smile is maintained.   We specialize in a number of services that include comprehensive exams, consultations, oral cancer screenings, sealants, digital x-rays, and Invisalign.

Beverly Hills preventive dentist Dr. Roger Eshaghian performs the aforementioned treatments and more in order to help you sustain a healthy smile for the long term.  Studies have shown that dental health and overall health are correlated.  Adults require regular dental exams every six months to optimize their health.

We provide professional teeth cleanings that remove tartar and surface stains from your teeth.  This is essential in order to prevent plaque from affecting your health.

Our comprehensive exams are designed to clean your teeth and identify any potential problems that may affect your future health.  Cleanings are provided as soon as the exam is completed.  One of the major concerns we constantly identify is the presence of tooth decay.  Another component of your dental exam is an oral cancer screening.  We evaluate your jaw, neck, cheeks, mouth, and tongue to diagnose signs of a serious condition.

Invisalign is one of the most innovative teeth straightening systems in the field.  They are a type of clear braces that are unnoticeable and are comfortable to wear.  They align your teeth without the distractions and excessive maintenance that braces present.

Digital x-rays are one of our prominent specializations and involve a comprehensive review of your dental health in a more convenient manner.  A sensor is placed into your mouth to generate images of your teeth.  The sensor is connected to a computer where it projects your teeth on a screen for viewing.  The benefits of digital x-rays include less radiation, higher quality images, improved distribution of data, and environmentally friendly.