A Few Things to Keep in Mind During a Dental Emergency

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January 27, 2017
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February 7, 2017

Dental Emergencies are as old as Dentistry itself. It may even be said that Dental Emergencies were the beginning of Dentistry because it was always an emergency when all of a sudden your tooth starting hurting badly. While modern day dentistry is mostly preventative and cosmetic in nature nowadays, Dental Emergencies still happen all the time. Of course, there are various scenarios and things that make up what a true Dental Emergency is and it’s good to keep that in mind when trying to figure out if it is something that needs to be addressed right away or if it is something that can wait until tomorrow or soon thereafter.

The most common Dental Emergency that we treat at Beverly Hills Dental Center is a tooth that has been dislodged due to various reasons. The most important thing you can do for such a tooth is to keep it moist. If possible try putting the tooth back in the socket, when you do this be very careful and try to avoid the root since this can lead to infection. If that does not seem to be possible simply take the tooth and place it in your mouth between your gums and cheek. Another possibility is to put the tooth in milk to keep it moist.

Another common Dental Emergency is a cracked tooth. Cracked teeth are a different situation, of course, then a dislodged tooth. There is simply not much that you as and an individual can do to fix or remedy the situation. However, you can do a couple of things to make sure it does not get worse. Mainly, making sure that the area around the cracked tooth is clean by rinsing with warm water. Also, find a cold compress and place it over the area to keep the swelling down. Lastly, give us a call at Beverly Hills Dental Center so that we can see you right away.

The last most common Dental Emergency is a Tooth Ache. The idea again is to minimize the effect and avoid further discomfort. Rinse out your mouth and make sure there is nothing stuck in between the tooth. If there is, use floss to dislodge it. Rinse again and use a cold compress to keep any swelling down.

At Beverly Hills Dental Center, we are here to help you prevent any dental issues, also to make your smile look amazing and always to be here for any Dental Emergency.