A Few Secrets to Healthier Smiles

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October 15, 2015
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January 18, 2017

December 15, 2016


We all know that brushing daily, even several times daily is the cornerstone to a healthy smile. However, there are other things to keep in mind when thinking about your overall oral health, and of course, your smile.

It bears repeating but see your dentist often or on a regular basis. While you can complete the basic maintenance at home, seeing your dentist regularly is, for lack of a better example, like taking your car in for regular maintenance. The surprising thing is just how often. We recommend every 3 months and even though it may seem like a lot when you think about how often you get a haircut and take care of other aspects of your appearance, once every 3 months is not unreasonable.

Nowadays, you should not be afraid of visiting us here at Beverly Hills Dental Center because we focus on making you comfortable and relaxed. Most dentists nowadays have a variety of different approaches and methods to make your visit virtually pain free. This applies especially to invasive treatments including Root Canals where anesthesia is the go-to option.

The fact is that if you wait until you are in pain, then it is too late. At this point, you may already have an infection. Come in immediately to see us, but know that it is regular appointments and visits to our offices that are meant to prevent you from developing a dental problem. Give us a call today to set your appointment and remember don’t wait until you are in pain to visit us at Beverly Hills Dental Center.